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Success Stories

CMPC Bridges ESI – EMCO and Intel

ESI-EMCO adopts recent technologies in implementing their recommended learning processes. Among these educational technologies:
ESI-EMCO has established a strong and long-lasting cooperation with Intel Corporation. When comes to quality education, both ESI-EMCO and Intel; share one vision on mechanisms for advancing learning process in schools. Intel presented the Classmate Personal Computer (CMPC) that makes learning processes meaningful and enjoyable for students. ESI-EMCO launched the CMPC product in 2008 in the presence of the Minister of communication and the Minister of education. ESI-EMCO then introduced the (CMPC) to schools along with digital curriculum and training programs for education. Moreover, ESI-EMCO provides support for schools during implementation phase to affirm the effective utilization and application of the system.
Indeed, one-to-one learning allows students to learn own level and capacity. The concept is rapidly succeeding globally.  

  • Miss AL-Hanifa EL-Selehdar School – 2010
  • Dar AL-Saada, AL-Zaytoun – 2010
  • AL-Nile – 2010
  • Sherbas, Domiat – 2010
  • Bolaq – 2010
  • Saint Janet, Alexandria – 2009
  • AL-Kholafaa’ AL-Rashedeen, AL-Salam City – 2009
  • Futures Tech – 2008
  • AL-Awael, Zagazig – 2008
  • Omar Ibn AL-Khattab, Heliopolis – 2008

Project description and flow
Accompanied by the co-operation of ESI Company, all the above mentioned schools have successfully installed the “One-To-One Learning System”

The Project Included

  • Earth Walk Cars
  • CMPC
  • Interactive Boards
  • Training, support, and assessment
  • Maintenance

Success Stories:
Dar El Sada School
Futures Language Schools
Futures Suez School
Seychelles Schools
Sant Aint Gantid Alexanderia







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