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The following are just a few of the main services and products we provide.

  • Life cycle maintenance: In the ever-changing world of technology, there is always working to be done in maintaining and effective a functional business network.  The combination of powerful emerging technologies and the rapidity of obsolescence for existing technologies has made it more important than ever to keep your network up to industry standards.  Servers, Notebooks, PCs firewalls, switches, routers, and other IT assets reach their end-of-life and need to be replaced.  Combine this fact with the necessity of maintaining your environment on a day-to-day basis, and it becomes clear that a salient strategy for lifecycle maintenance is necessary to the forward-thinking business.
  •  Wide range of solutions:  for maintaining your network equipment through its entire lifecycle.  From preventative maintenance inspections throughout the life of your network, to properly pre-planned replacements as equipment ages, a comprehensive lifecycle maintenance program will ensure that your business networks are always up-to-date.  Reach out to us today in order to schedule an analysis!
  • Notebook Maintenance: Compu911’s engineers specialist in repair and maintenance notebooks specially CMPC, We are a leading company in the middle east in marketing and support all the needs of CMPC We have customers in different countries like Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia we give them a full support, We have strong experiences in design and implementation of E-learning classes and making the necessary training.
  • Maintenance Agreement: Providing ongoing maintenance for hardware is both time-consuming and unpredictable.  An attractive alternative to providing in-house maintenance for physical IT assets is to enter a maintenance agreement with an outside firm.  At compu911, we have a multitude of such arrangements available in order to ensure that your company’s assets are covered in the manner that you need.

One example of a common maintenance agreement we enter into:  is an annual printer maintenance contract.  Provided an inventory of on-site printers, we will provide a locked-in cost for all maintenance for a one-year period.  This includes all parts and labor and guarantees a lightning-fast response time of 24 hours or less.  There are a number of advantages to this program.  Valuable time is not taken away from your IT staff in order to perform routine printer maintenance.  The cost for the entire year is fixed, making budgeting much easier.  Additionally, if we cannot repair a printer within 48 hours, we will provide a replacement until we can; if we cannot repair it at all, the replacement is yours to keep.
Of course, we do not just cover printers!  Desktops, servers, laptops, and other IT assets can be                 covered under similar arrangements, ensuring that your maintenance costs are fixed, and your IT staff   is free to work on other things.  Get in touch with us today, and we’ll prepare a quote for total coverage!

  • Network Infrastructure: A carefully thought-out & blueprinted network infrastructure is an essential element of the modern business organization.  During the design and planning phase of a network implementation, many factors need to be taken into account, beyond the functional goals of the elements of the network – including how each element fits into an overall picture, scalability to anticipate future growth, redundancy in the event of a network failure, and many more.
  • Antivirus Solutions: Malicious viruses and computer hackers are becoming more and more of a threat every day; without a wariness, policies, software, hardware and updated technologies to combat these threats you are leaving yourself and your business accessible and vulnerable to an endless possibility of nightmares. Compu911 provides Varity of solution as:
  • Firewalls: you need to a firewall protection security system if you are connected to the world-wide web.
  • Consulting Services: Our technical staff has many centuries of combined experience in the various fields in which we work. This experience can be a significant asset to our customers in a variety of situations. Having a consulting arrangement with compu911 in place is like having a battery of additional hands on deck within your IT organization; when a storm hits, the extra personnel and the experience they bring to the table can help you weather it.
  • Managed Services:   Many small and medium-sized businesses find it of value to outsource significant portions of their IT functions, which helps fix the cost of technology while providing added peace of mind. Comp911 offers a complete range of managed solutions, in order to take a proactive approach to your system's ongoing support.
  • Utilizing the most cutting-edge remote management solutions, compu911 can monitor the health of your servers and desktops, continually analyze your security infrastructure for weak points, ensure that your hardware stays up to date through patch management, and execute a remote backup solution, among other functions. All of our managed services include onsite visits as needed to maintain the health of your network, with guaranteed response times in order to ensure peace of mind for you and your staff.
  • Security Services: Compu911 specializes in providing network security and data protection, security is one of the most important aspects of any network.

-You could have sophisticated network but without a security protecting your business critical data it would be considered as Stone Age by today’s standards.
-We provide different kinds of protection as:
Software protection:
Data protection
System protection
-We provide a network protection as:
ISA solutions
Firewall solutions
Antivirus solutions

  • Cabling: Compu911 offers a complete range of cabling services.  Equipped to work in both union and non-union buildings, compu911’s engineers will expertly build out the foundation of your network infrastructure.  With many years’ experience in the field, our cabling engineers can tackle projects of any size – from the build-out of your small, new office, to re-cabling your entire building.

Our cabling team will work alongside your contractors and project managers to ensure smooth, non-disruptive installation. Compu911 provides a one-stop solution shop, offering both design and implementation of your new cabling infrastructure.  In addition to designing new cabling architectures and overhauling existing systems, we are capable of providing a full range of testing and services on existing wire.
If your firm is moving or expanding, or if you simply need to update your wire to current standards, get in touch with us as soon as possible, and we’ll begin working on an elegant and efficient design that fits your needs and your spaces.

  • Disaster Recovery planning & Assessment: It’s critically important to arrive at the business continuity plan which best suits the needs and budget of your business.  The compu911 team will work with both your technology and executive staffs in order to determine what solution will best fit your business needs. As disaster recovery planning has continued to evolve; there are now more solutions than ever to consider when choosing a plan, which is sensible and cost-effective for your business.  At compu911, we stay abreast of all developments within the realm of DR in order to help you sensibly evaluate the choices and pick the one that is best suited to you.  Our team of engineers will work hand-in-hand with you to design, develop, and implement the solution that is right for you.  With so many competing products and services on the marketplace today, it’s important to work with a partner who is well versed in all of them.  Compu911 is that organization.

Having a top-of-the-line solution in place is only half of a disaster recovery plan, and we excel in working with the other half as well.  In addition to implementing the technologies necessary to keeping your business running when disaster strikes, we will provide you with the training and planning necessary to ensure that your business does, indeed, not miss a beat.

This means you can call us and receive the best service in the business.

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